Review: Pentatonix

Pentatonix Stock ImagePentatonix

So you liked Pitch Perfect? Glee is your favourite TV show, and you want to marry all of The Warblers…especially Blaine? Well honestly, these examples of a capella talents are a mere speck compared to the sheer awesomeness of this a capella group from Texas; Pentatonix (see their happy little faces below)

And you know what? They have every right to be happy! After winning the third season of the hit American TV show “The Sing-Off”, winning a snazzy $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony, this group has been raking in the success. Their video “Evolution of Music – Pentatonix” went viral on YouTube, and currently has over 20 million views…pretty impressive. If you haven’t already seen it I avidly suggest (and by that I mean I solemnly order!) that you watch it: . If you have already seen it then just watch it again, and remind yourself of how incredible it is. The band is currently wrapping up their second album, ‘PTX, Vol.2’ which includes a brilliant cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us”. For just £5.99 on Itunes you can’t go wrong really. Failing that, check out some of their other fantastic covers on YouTube and fall in love with this incredibly talented band.

Top Tracks: Thrift Shop (cover), Evolution of Music, Royals (cover)

You’ll like them if you like: Pitch Perfect, Glee, covers of famous pop songs, Royal Holloway’s own Absolute Harmony.
Written By Michelle Archer