ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Walk the Moon – "Work This Body"

Next up for the One Sentence Reviews treatment is the latest single from ’80s revivalists Walk the Moon. Check out the song, and what our team thought about it, below:

Kiran Hayre: “Absolutely love the folk/country meets 80s pop vibes, Walk the Moon are just so much fun and refreshing to the music industry.”

Zoe Stanton: “Fun and funky, very upbeat and easily puts you in a good mood, almost has a 90s pop sound.”

Thomas Gibbens: “Sounds like someone wrote an 80s anthem in 2016.”

Georgia Johnson: “Unusual changes in tempo in the backing track and sounds almost child-like; not a fan.”

Izzy Sheeran: “Bouncy beat and fun rhythm, but nothing new or creative.”

Halina Hayre: “Nothing new or original, heard before, nothing special.”

Laura Shipp: “Can definitely imagine dancing around my kitchen to this, so I am definitely a fan!”

Emily Dixon: “I feel like it’s trying to be so many different styles all at the same time.”

Michael Bird: “A fun, throwaway and oddly disjointed pop song that gets better as it goes on, peaking in the brilliantly off-the-cuff piano run before the last chorus.”

Cheylea Hopkinson: “80s-inspired feel typical of Walk the Moon, a fun and bouncy song.”

Nur Adila Adam Daud: “Cheesy, corny, a bit too happy and reminds me of a nursery rhyme.”

Neka Tamana: “Good happy beat, similar to their previous single.”

Ije Chukwurah: “Upbeat, lively and engaging.”

Julia Khlyzova: “At times it sounded like it could be an upbeat Disney soundtrack.”

Carolin Wolfsdorf: “Perfect background music for an independent coming-of-age film.”