ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Enter Shikari – "Redshift"

We got our music team to review “Redshift”, the new single from electro-rock fusion mavericks Enter Shikari, using only one sentence each! Listen to the song below, and see whom you agree with!

Halina Hayre – “Good catchy composition of music; however, the vocals get drowned within the music.”

Georgia Johnson – “Catchy chorus, but can’t say I haven’t heard anything like it before!”

Hanne Saeveras – “A nice summery tune to help endure the cold.”

Max Lawson – “Warm vocals and an electric sound make for a catchy song.”

Carolin Wolfsdorf – “Really generic, but I think I could get into it.”

Kiran Hayre – “I quite like the lyrics, they’re bittersweet and inspiring and I enjoyed the different paces in tempo and intensity.”

Zoe Stanton – “Highly emotional, electric, catchy.”

Emily Dixon – “As with most Enter Shikari songs, it’s amazing until the unneeded screaming.”

Julia Khlyzova – “Something to listen to while riding a bike in the mountains.”

Alice Copeland – “Not really my thing, didn’t like it.”

Adam Hitchen – “Feels like they’ve lost their fire a bit, a good (but subdued and radio-friendly) song.”

Tara El Kashef – “It sounds like a song you can play while driving but don’t need to get into.”

Cheylea Hopkinson – “I’d probably download it on a whim and never listen again.”

Thomas Gibbens – “It is like drum ‘n’ bass tried to be deep, but didn’t work for me, although I can understand the appeal.”

Ludivine Le Bon – “Nice sound that puts you in a good mood.”

Sophie Shapter – “Bit too ‘Panic! at the Disco’ for me, but it’s catchy!”

Tanmaiyii Rao – “It’s alright, nothing exceptional, quite mainstream.”

Michael Bird – “More mature but less exciting than prior material, this is an anthemic, streamlined song perfectly suited for the big venues they’re about to tour.”