ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS: Birdy – "Keeping Your Head Up"

We got our music team to review “Keeping Your Head Up”, the new single from Birdy, using only one sentence each! Listen to the song below, and see whom you agree with!

Gracie McCabe – “Slow vocal line working against a staccato piano background makes for a nice upbeat tempo and melody.”

Molly Pearson – “It is hard to hear exactly what the lyrics are, but going by the music I would expect them to be positive and upbeat.”

Tara El Kashef – “The kind of song that you’d be happy to dance to but there are a few that sound similar.”

Julia Khlyzova – “Unoriginal, next!”

Cheylea Hopkinson – “I really enjoyed the vocals and harmonies, but it sounds like a million things I’ve heard before.”

Tanmaiyii Rao – “I really liked the song, it’s got a nice tune and catchy lyrics.”

Zoe Stanton – “Catchy chorus, memorable tune, bouncy and upbeat but softens in the verses.”

Thomas Gibbens – “I’ll be giving your song up.”

Amy Dunn – “Really poppy and catchy!”

Katie Gamble – “She has a nice voice, very repetitive though.”

Sophie Shapter – “Catchy, but not my thing.”

Kiran Hayre – “Catchy, has Florence + the Machine vibes which I quite enjoy.”

Carolin Wolfsforf – “Very un-Birdy like, but I really enjoy it.”

Laura Shipp – “I really like this, a bit more fast paced than Birdy normally is, but like my favourite of her songs “Light Me Up” I love it.”

Emily Dixon – “So different to her normal stuff – I love it, and her range is insane.”

Michael Bird – “Has a very powerful, memorable chorus, but not much else that helps it stand out or stick in the memory.”

Adila Daud – “It sounds pretty, very uplifting and makes me want to dance around in my room while loving everything about life.”

Neka Tamana – “The song is quite simple, perfect for an advert.”

Ije Chukwurah – “Great use of strings, I can imagine it would sound amazing live.”