One Line Review: ‘Teardrops’ – Bring Me The Horizon

The Music Team reviews Bring Me The Horizon’s latest song ‘Teardrops’ having only listened to it once. The track returns to the heavy, fast paced instrumentals of their earlier workDo they have another hit on their hands?
Find out below…

Vinay: With fat guitar riffs straight out of Sempiternal, loops from Amo and vocals reminiscent of Thats The Spirit, it’s clear Bring Me are back to their heavier roots for this album. The boys once again smash it by bringing that unique mix of tech sounds and heavy riffs to create a symphony of chaos, this next album is shaping up to be some of their best work yet!

Niamh: Intro reminds me of The Prodigy and Massive Attack, before it all goes off with heavy guitars and anguished lyrics – bit too much screaming for me, but I still really liked this track.

Christian: After a widely criticised tonal shift with their previous album, it seems that BMTH have gone back to their roots – if its not broken, don’t fix it. A winning formula of hard rock and a strong vocal performance throughout shows that they know what really works for them.

Alex: It’s definitely not a bad song at all, as a person who doesn’t listen to this type of music a lot I can say that for sure it has a catchy hook and is quite enjoyable, great job BMTH!

Victoria: Despite not being my typical choice of music genre, the new BMTH song has a very catchy tune, rhythm and chorus.

Mel: I have always admired BMTH’s perfected blend of epic, rock instrumental with technology, a fusion a lot of bands attempt and fail at in my opinion, they definitely bring it with this new track!

Hannah: It sounds powerful like it can accompany an epic fight scene in an action film.

Ryan: Another hit for BMTH, a great blend of power and rhythm mixed with some technological influence (slightly reminiscent of MUSE) and their classic heavy rock vocals are sure to be a hit with fans.

Maddie: This is my first time listening to a BMTH song (I know right, where have I been?), so I was pleasantly surprised- whilst it’s not entirely my cup of tea I thought ‘Teardrops’ was an intoxicatingly heavy track with a great blend of instruments, vocals and technology sure to please fans of the genre.

Well it seems as thought the Music Team thinks the band has another hit on their hands! Then again, we only listened to it once… Go and have a listen and see what you make of it!