Pick Of The Week – "Let It Happen", Tame Impala



This week Tame Impala revealed that they are back, so of course I’ve been celebrating this to the soundtrack of their brand new single. ‘Let It Happen’ is 7 minutes and 59 seconds of absolute genius. It’s as synthy as predicted and is filled with as many riffs as you can handle. The lyrics are warbled over the psychedelic vibes of the track, whilst the track also brings a dance-y vibe to it – so even if you’re not big into the psychedelic vibe this track has something to offer. I’m a massive fan of Tame Impala’s albums and I feel that this track incorporates everything a Tame Impala fan would love about the band – it’s absolutely a magnificent work of art. Any song that can keep me interested for 8 minutes deserves to be my pick of the week! After the release of this track, Tame Impala are definitely at the top of my ‘bands to see’ list – I hope you’ll be as hooked on this track as I am!

~ Ceri-Ann Hughes