Lyrical Poem – Dio



Holy Diver, Holy Diver. The Last in Line with whom I Speed at Night. Who is Hungry for Heaven and whose Angry Machines seek to be Killing The Dragon.


Master of the Moon I ask of thee your Strange Highways, whose home be of Egypt (The Chains Are On).


Oh Holy Diver, Holy Diver. Lock Up the Wolves for the Sacred Heart. Stand Up and Shout, for you be the one true King of Rock and Roll. Whom despite your Mystery, We Rock, even though you be The Last in Line and the Rainbow in the Dark to your Rock ‘N’ Roll Children.


Hunter of the Heart, All the Fools Sailed Away but we remain to bring Shame on the Night, like the Gypsy who has Evil Eyes, is Invisible and will only Dream Evil. I Could Have Been a Dreamer, but I chose to become one with my Fever Dreams, despite some saying I be Losing My Sanity.


Holy Diver, Holy Diver, I await for you to awaken, for I Scream“Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll!”


~ Illisuve Man


The concept of a lyrical poem is to take an artist and write a poem consisting mostly of their song titles, to either get across what the artist’s views were or create a whole new narrative for their music. Each lyrical poem acts not only as a poem in its own right but also a crash course of the artist in question.