Best of: Glastonbury 2023

Annelise Kofod chooses the best that Worthy Farm has to offer

With one of the biggest music festivals on the horizon it’s time to get out the notes app and decide who is on your ‘must see’ list. With such a diverse star studded headliner roster (Elton John, Arctic Monkeys and Gun’s and Roses front the Worthy Farm Festival). With so many artists to choose from, I figured I would help get you on your way. So without further adieu, may I present (in no particular order) my top 10 acts to see at Glastonbury 2023…..

Guns n’ Roses

I promise this won’t be a list just saying to go see all the big headliners of the festival. But, a chance to see 3 of the original members from the band’s formation in 1985 cough cough Slash has to be mentioned. Classic headliners of the likes of these guys don’t come around too often anymore and you never know when ‘the last tour’ will actually be their last.

Songs to listen to: Welcome to the Jungle, Dead or Alive

Nova Twins

From first glance you may not guess this U.K duo is one of the up and coming names in the rock scene. A guest appearance on Bring Me the Horizon’s POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR shot them into the spotlight and the duo never looked back. Over the past few years they’ve supported the likes of Wolf Alice, Little Simz, Black Honey and Enter Shikari, and more recently graced the Royal Holloway’s SU stage at Freshers Week 2022. The release of their second studio album Supernova in 2022 accumulated millions of streams with tracks ‘Antagonist’ and ‘Choose Your Fighter.’ Winners of Best UK Breakthrough Band in the 2020 Heavy Music Awards come with a style the duo self-described as ‘urban punk’ and are sure to have you head banging away.

Songs to listen to: Antagonist, Cleopatra


It’s rare you come across an artist who truly follows through when they say they play for the fans. Just weeks ago, Slowthai (real name Tyron Kaymone Frampton), wrapped up his ‘Best Night of Your Life’ pub tour where tickets were £1. In his own unique genre of what is described as ‘grime-punk,’ say Radiohead and Nirvana meet Jay-Z. He’s used to intimate settings but I have no doubt his stage presence will be nothing short of amazing taking the Glastonbury stage.

Songs to listen to: Feel Good, Doorman,

Royal Blood

This is a band with an interesting history with Glastonbury festival. Indeed it was Matt Helders, drummer of the Arctic Monkeys, wearing the band’s shirt during their in 2013 set that sparked popularity in the recently signed band. Their most recent single ‘Honeybrains’ was released in March of last year, but there’s a reason that this band has gained such a massive following with tracks of their self-titled debut in 2014 doing better than ever.

Songs to listen to: Figure it Out, Trouble’s Coming, Where Are You Now?

Fred Again..

The youngest ever winner of Producer of the Year at the 2020 Brit Awards, Frederick Gibson (stage name Fred Again..) has co-written and produced multiple #1 hits over the past almost decade. Gibson takes inspiration from the world around him, incorporating samples from various sources – such as voice memos, clips from social media, and music by other artists. He gained a surge in popularity after playing the elusive Boiler Room in London last year followed in the same week with the release of a collaboration with Swedish House Mafia ‘Turn on the Lights again…’ There’s a reason all of his shows sell out so if given the chance… I’d go to his set.

Songs to listen to: Jungle, Rumble, Delilah (pull me out of this)

Cat Burns A product of the tik-tok viral machine during the pandemic – no one deserves it more than Cat Burns. Her single ‘Go’ went viral on the social app landing her a coveted record deal with RCA Records subsidiary Since 93. More recently she released a collaboration with rapper Arrdee with single ‘Home For My Heart’ earlier this year. A little different to most of the artists on this list with her ‘gospel, pop, and indie’ influences, I’ll leave her voice and lyrics to speak for themself.

Songs to listen to: Go, people pleaser

Arctic Monkeys I could easily sit here and write a whole paragraph on how much I love Alex Turner and that’s the sole reason why the band should be on your must see list. But in all seriousness Arctic Monkeys give an amazing show and it’s scary how much Turner sounds like the track when he sings live. While you may be transported back to the 2014 Tumblr days there’s so much more to the discography of this band and if you’ve never seen them live I would definitely make the effort to see their set.

Songs to listen to: I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor, Snap Out Of It, Arabella

Hot Chip

If Glastonbury has anything besides one of the most stacked line-ups this year, it’s a perfect mix of new up and coming artists and those who have been at this for a while. So no matter who you see you’re bound to get an amazing set. This is where my next recommendation, Hot Chip, comes in with their return to the Somerset based festival. The synth-pop London based ban was formed in 2000 – so these guys have been making music for my entire existence. They’re the perfect blend for house music and indie-pop fans and those that listen to the likes of MGMT, St. Vincent, and Daft Punk.

Songs to listen to: Over and Over, Need You Now


With a sound that can be described as synth-pop-rock, this French-based band is a must add for those who like the sound of Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, and The Kooks. With a discography spanning over two-decades and still keeping the original line-up of members from their first formation (rather impressive)

Songs to listen to: Lisztomania, Artefact


Whatever your stance on their impact on modern rock, no one can deny the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winners give a performance you won’t forget. Fresh off their sold out European tour and still riding the wave of their sophomore release Rush! earlier this year with hit tracks Supermodel, Mammamia, and The Loneliest. The foursome have to be given some credit for bringing rock back to mainstream (sorry Travis Barker).

Songs to listen to: Supermodel, Caroline, Zitti E Buoni

If you would like to explore the Glastonbury lineup further, here is Insanity’s Spotify playlist curated by Annelise:

Article by Annelise Kofod

Supporting Photo by James Genchi via Unsplashed