A Trip to Logic Studio School’s Careers Fair

Giving back to the community as a local radio station is what makes being part of Insanity so rewarding — so when we were invited by Logic Studio School (previous visits documented here and here) to be a part of their careers fair, we were more than delighted!

As Insanity’s ex Head of Community (Outreach), I was accompanied by our current Head (Emily Teklu). It was great to catch up with students who had participated in our previous collaborations with Logic Studio School, as well as get a real insight to the current state of students pursuing further education, apprenticeships, and beyond.

Seeing youths excited about their future was heartwarming, and the fact that we were able to present the positives of engaging in student media as well as the benefits of higher education meant a great deal — not only towards the students, but to us as well. Being able to be ambassadors of both the Station and the University was a great honour.

There was something about the hum of students wandering around, and snippets of their conversations were illuminating, ranging from valid fears about the future –“There’s something so vast about what goes beyond school,” — to amusing comments about being able to gather the most freebies during the event.

(Full disclosure: I am most definitely guilty of the latter.)

We had a wide range of students visiting our booth, but a student opening up about their anxiety in regards to public speaking really struck us in particular — that was where we were able to share how Insanity goes above and beyond a ‘student radio station’. Ultimately, it’s a community — one that grows and helps you find yourself, and Insanity Radio is so grateful to be able to work with Logic Studio School again, and we can only look forward to future endeavours together.