Dear Listeners,

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties and we are very sorry that some of you have not been able to tune in. We are currently airing on 103.2FM with no problems, so listen there for now if you can. We are looking into the problems with the online stream and Tunein and hope to get these back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding – we will let you know on the website as soon as it is all fixed.

Best wishes,

Charlotte and Han

Station Manager and Assistant Station Manager

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128.7 Hours Update

Hi all,


just a quick note to say that due to technical difficulties, we’ve had to change the dates around a little for the broadcast and will be starting later today, running from Tuesday 27th May to Sunday the 1st May – apologies if anyone dropped by to say hi!

Please do come and get in touch, tune in and donate – it’s going to be a great experience for all, while raising money for great things!

I’ll see you all starting tomorrow at 9am (or rather, you’ll see me!)

~ Adam


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