The Suffers

Gulf coast soul and jazz band The Suffers played an outstanding set at the Jazz Café in Camden. The band released their self-title debut album last year and have been touring all over Europe. The opening band, Brighton native afro-soul band, Lakuta, were charged, smart and elaborate with a passionate lead singer. During the intermission the crowd brought that same anticipated energy I’m sure the band members had when they recently quit their jobs to peruse music. Lead singer Kam Franklin, explained to the crowd that eventually all of the excuses for not moving their music forward were outweighed by their dreams.

The Suffers played a lot of great songs from their album, such as Gwan, Slow it Down, Dutch, but also new material; one of which definitely had some Michael Jackson cool. In the intimate setting of the Jazz Café, the performance felt like an artistic conversation about the cocktail recipes, recommendations for other types of music genres, relationships, and comfort food. A conversation enveloped in the bands charismatic, detailed instrumental solos and strong vocals, the Suffers brought a strong sound that had everyone dancing.

I even got to meet a few members of the band, drummer Nick Zamora who likes Thundercat as much as I do, the ever so slick keyboardist Pat Kelly, and lead guitarist Kevin Bernier who was so kind enough to read a note that I wrote to the band as I didn’t have time to really get to talk to them. He even posted the note on his Instagram, which I cannot get over. This band is truly one of a kind everyone should listen to their album, and go to see the opening band Lakuta who are to play Rich Mix on the 28th April.


Review by Marhsea Makosa

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